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New Construction

Helping you navigate all phases of the process, such as contract, construction, walk-through, and closing.

Takena Estates, a new home development in Albany coming soon. New homes from 1308-1499 sq.ft. See plat and floor plans

Are you interested in purchasing new construction?

I can help. Throughout my real estate career I have represented many buyers and builders. With this experience, I'll help you navigate the construction process. And through my connections with local builders, I'll direct you to new construction in the areas you want to live — and that fit your budget.

We can also tour models together, where I'll help you distinguish the upgrades from the basics, and point out the options that match your wish list.  

My job is to help make your project go as smooth as possible.

Process for New Construction

  1. Discuss your Wish List
  2. Determine Price Range
  3. Preview Floor Plan and Communities
  4. Discuss Homes and Lots Available
  5. Discuss Standard Features and Options Available
  6. Discuss Sales Prices
  7. Discuss Allowances and Upgrades
  8. Calculate Sales Price of Your Selected Home
  9. Discuss Lenders and Loan Process
  10. Discuss the Construction Process & Time Frame
  11. Fill out your Sale/Earnest Money Agreement

Questions? Give me a call at 503-510-5038 or email. There’s no obligation.

New Construction

Answers to Common Questions

How does the financing work on new construction?

Answer:  There are two ways the financing process works with new construction. Either the builder carries the construction financing or the buyer carries the construction financing. It is simpler for the buyer if the builder carries the construction financing. If that is the case, the buyers financing comes into play at the completion of the home, same as a traditional re-sale home purchase. If the builder requires the buyer to provide their own construction financing, I will direct you to a mortgage broker who can explain the process and pre-qualify you for the new home purchase.

Do I need my own land?

Answer: I am familiar with many new developments in my area and can direct you to new construction that fits your budget in the area where you want to live. If you currently own your own ground or plan to purchase land to build on, I can connect you with reputable builders who would be willing to build on your own property.

How do I buy a house that’s not there?

Answer: We sit down and discuss all of your needs and wants in a new home. Builders usually have floor plan renderings, lists of the standard features, and upgrades that are offered (with prices). Some builders build completely custom homes where a buyer can pick out almost every detail of the home. Other builders only allow certain options to be selected by the buyer. We will compare what’s included in a standard build with what your needs are. If the builder has a base price, we add in the extra features you want in the home and include them in with the details of an offer. I strive to include as much detail as possible in the offer paperwork. The more precise we are with the details in the offer, the less likely we are to miss something.

Are there additional expenses to consider with new construction?

Answer: When purchasing a new home, there are additional costs to consider. You will most likely need to purchase items for a new home that are typically included in a re-sale home. Window coverings, refrigerator, and fencing are just few of the possible additional expenses to consider.

What’s the time frame for new construction?

Answer: Time frame can vary greatly There are many variables when determining time frame for new construction. Every builder is different and can take different lengths to build a home. Also, custom homes versus semi-custom homes vary in time frame. If the new home has already been constructed as a spec home, a standard 45-60 day closing would typically apply. If the builder has the property and has already gone in for the permitting process, it’s typical for the construction process to take approx. 120 days. Custom homes can take 6/8 months or longer to fully complete.

Do builders negotiate?

Answer: No, not typically
Builders don’t have equity to negotiate with. Usually builders go thru a bid process and know exactly how much a home will cost them to build. Therefore they price the home accordingly without much flexibility in price.

Do I still need to have a new home inspected?

Answer: I always recommend yes!
New construction is inspected by a city/county official at various times throughout the construction process to be sure the home meets all the current city/county codes. But, it is still possible for something to get overlooked. Having a home inspection once the home is completed will help to ensure that nothing has been forgotten or overlooked.

Relocating? I’ll be your scout

Who needs surprises? I’ll preview locations for you, finding the best properties that fulfill your needs. That way, when you see a home it’s everything you hoped for.

I can also make some recommendations. Living here all my life I’ve gotten to know the area, neighborhoods and amenities.

This past summer my wife and I contacted Lacey from our residence in Amarillo, Texas, and asked her if she would be willing to find some houses for us to look at in the Willamette Valley. A few days later, literally, we showed up and spent an entire day with Lacey. Without ever having met us and with only a brief telephone conversation, Lacey had set up appointments to visit something like 10 homes, in which one of them we are now happily living. We recommend Lacey Stark most highly.
– Jim R

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